What we do

ALTER ECO project is a TESTING project. It enhances the local sustainable development of tourism by promoting MEDITERRANEAN IDENTITY through the implementation of alternative tourist strategies in 6 pilots co-designed and implemented by public and private stakeholders. The project provides the opportunity of testing, in representative MED cities, used as LIVING LAB, existing methodologies and tools arisen in previous high impact projects in the field of sustainable tourism or proposed by key stakeholders, with the aim of reaching holistic and realistic tourist strategies at local and regional level that allow transferability in the MED territory


  • Definition of Mediterranean Identity and methodology to promote it in tourist destinations.
  • Pilot activities in 4 cities and 2 regions to test alternative tourism strategies to reduce and better manage the impact of tourism activities on the enviroment by promoting Mediterranean Identity (Partners responsible of pilots: IVE-Comunidad Valenciana Region, RSA and AUTH-Region South Aegean, Malaga City Council, City of Genoa, UNIVE-Venice City and City of Dubrovnik Development Agency (DURA)-Dubrovnik City)
  • Model for implementation of innovative tourism strategies.
  • Interregional learning Portfolio backed by Good Practices Database.
  • Proposals-Recommendations for application of the Model in the Med area.