Comunitat Valenciana

Short Project description 

The pilot of Comunitat Valenciana (CV) Region will consist of the provision of solutions in relation to the improvement of the sustainability of the tourist model for two tourism destinations: Valencia (as an urban destination affected by the incoming cruisers) and Gandia (as a sun and beach destination). CV has a total area of 23,255 km2 (representing 4.6% of the country) and a Mediterranean landscape with vast coastal plains alternating with striking mountainous areas, in addition to 632 km of coastline.

Valencia is the capital of the Valencia Region. It has a very important commercial port and a considerable volume of tourism. From 1,9 million of tourist registered in 2017, 344.134 came by cruise and visited just three hot spots: the city center, the beach and the bed river with the City of Sciences. The city of Valencia is seeking to implement policies to avoid reaching the problem of destinations such as Barcelona.

Gandia is a municipality inside the Valencian Community Region located at the South-East side of the Valencian province. It has the Mediterranean Sea on its east and a combination of mountains on its west. Also, in between it is located a highly ecologic value place known as “Marjal de Gandia” (Gandia’s Swamp) fed by fresh water. The specific problem of Gandía is the strong seasonality, what jeopardizes the sustainability of the destination, and the separation (5 km) between the beach and the historic center, where the cultural attraction of the city is located

Activities proposed during the testing phase and expected results

Valencia: In order to avoid overcrowding the hot spots, on the one hand, 3 alternative tourism routes have been designed to non-touristic neighborhoods with important material and immaterial cultural heritage. The routes have an innovative approach being the characteristic people from each neighborhood who tells different options to be visited depending on the profile, preferences...etc. An APP has been also developed to engage people to use the guides (gamification concept). On the other hand, there have been installed 7 monitors in La Marina de Valencia, in order to monitor the activity of this new area which objective is the attraction of tourist by investing in innovative strategies.

Gandía: In order to break seasonality the first measure was to install monitors to know the influx of people on the beach and in the city center and the mobility of people between these points. Then the same APP used in Valencia using gamification was designed for Gandía. Then Free Wifi was offered to the beach tourist to be given information about the city center. In parallel, in order to improve the quality of the accommodation offer during the whole year, a web APP was designed to help tourist accommodation owners or managers to better adapt their properties to winter conditions and improve the acoustic comfort, accessibility and sustainability.