South Aegean Region

Short Project description 

The South Aegean Region (SAR) pilot will consist of the provision of solutions in relation to the improvement of the sustainability of the tourist model for one tourism destination: Rhodes. With an area of ​​1.400,684 km2, it is the largest island in the Dodecanese, the fourth in the whole country and a coastline of 220 km.

The city of Rhodes and by extension the whole island of Rhodes, being a Mediterranean island in a very strategic position is a highly popular destination worldwide, especially during the months from April until November. This mostly affects the Medieval Town of Rhodes, which is a UNESCO world heritage site and the major tourism attraction for the visitors of Rhodes island, creating many serious problems regarding the management of this large number of tourists and the overuse of natural and cultural resources.

Activities proposed during the testing phase and expected results

The Region of South Aegean is planning to map (GIS) and mark existing hiking paths in the area around Gadoura Dam in the center of the island that is not currently that popular in an effort to relieve the pressure in the main tourist attractions promoting at the same time ecological and hiking tourism.

In addition, smart solutions will be used to measure the impact of the pilot action such as Electronic Access Control & Counting Equipment for visitors of the pilot, an application for mobile phones and QR tags on the path signs to connect to the application.