Short Project description 

The pilot area of Nervi, situated 7 km east of central Genoa, belongs to the Levante district. With a population of about 61000 inh., it is a sea resort well known for the beauties of the nature as well as for its mild climate. Integrated in Genoa and close to the other resorts of the Eastern Riviera, Nervi has a privileged position and logistics, as it combines the typical services of a city centre residential area with the society life of the Riviera. Nervi represents a high quality destination, offering a full range of activities and attractions like sunshine, sea cliff and beaches all along Nervi sea-side promenade, with baths services or free, with freshwater in the historical parks or seawater swimmingpools on the cliff; water, nautical and rowing sports offer and diving with a little harbor and excellent and various traditional local food services with specialized restaurants and shops. All these in an enjoyable climate during the whole year. Nervi was a tourist destination thanks to all of these attractions; over the years this vocation slowed in favor of the city centre. The city centre of Genoa is not experiencing mass tourism and problems linked to that like other Mediterranean cities, but the tourism flows grew in the past years, and in order to keep on being attractive, the objective of the participation in ALTER ECO project is to widener the tourist offer of Genoa including and involving Nervi as a high quality offer for a cultural and sustainable tourism careful of the environment and the local traditions.

Project status to date

The aim of the pilot actions in Nervi is to rediscover this tourist destination, by promoting the area through new strategies, like city marketing, social networks at national and international level. The actions identified are therefore aimed at the revitalization of the ancient attractions introducing innovative sustems to satisfy modern-day tourists. A living lab with local stakeholders has been created and it has defined tourist products based on local traditions and features in the spirit of slowness. Nervi will discourage mass tourism and hit-and-run visits in order to promote the quietly discover of its territory.

These are the touristic products built up that started to be sold in march 2018:

Arts and nature;

Guided walking tour through the beauties of Nervi: from the marina along the promenade overlooking the sea, up to the Parks and the Museums with a nature expert for the outdoor tour and an art historian for Raccolte Frugone, Galleria d’Arte Moderna and Wolfsoniana.

The scent of art:

Olfactory walking tour through the Museums (Raccolte Frugone and Galleria d’Arte Moderna) and the Parks, led by an art historian and a perfume expert, for an unusual discovery of olfactory links between the artworks and the flowers and plants in the Parks.

Tasting the sea:

Full immersion in ancient Ligurian crafts and trades traditionally linked to sea-life, listening to stories of fishermen, carpenters, woodcutters and line makers (cordanieri). The partecipants will learn firsthand how to brine anchiovies, preparing their own small jar, in the picturesque cave in the ancient Collegio Emiliani’s Darsena (dry dock).

The sea on the hill. Mediterranean scents and flavours:

Monthly meetings held at the Marsano Agricultural Institute (where Rodolfo Valentino studied) located on the hill of Sant’Ilario, just behind Nervi. Led by teachers and students, through tastings and intriguing stories, participants will be able to discover the secrets of synergistic vegetable gardens, the taste of Ligurian extra-virgin olive oil, the scents of aromatic herbs, citrus fruits and roses, ancient fruit and vegetable varieties, all magnificently illustrated in the authoritative book on fruit bearing trees Pomona Italiana by Giorgio Gallesio.

Water sports:

Either on the weekend or on midweek days, you can try out different sports in the Marina (Porticciolo di Nervi) at the local kayak school Lo Scalo and Nervi’s ITC Diving Centre. Untrained and proficient scuba divers and canoeists, adults and children alike, can experience the thrill of exploring the coast of the Genoese Riviera (where diving sports were first born) by kayaking, snorkelling or diving with a breathing apparatus, while discovering Nervi’s prehistoric cliffs, hidden coves, and ancient villas overlooking the sea.

Kayaking between sea and sky:

In this two-day course, partecipants will learn how to steer a kayak on the first day, and on the following how to take it to sea on an escursion to discover the coast and the beauties of Nervi.

Discover Nervi by snorkeling:

An inflatable boat trip along the coast of Nervi from the Marina to Scoglio del Cane in Capolungo with a snorkelling and swimming guide.

Discover Scuba Diving:

Quick and easy beginners’ scuba diving class. Under direct supervision of a PADI instructor, participants will learn basic skills and safety information needed to scuba dive.


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