Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands (OTIE)

The official contact person for the project

PROF. GIOVANNI RUGGIERI, Researcher in Applied Economics at the University of Palermo, President of OTIE


A short description of the entity

OTIE is the first observatory on island tourism and development. Supported by public Institutions and highly qualified researchers, OTIE has large experience on editing strategic, operative and marketing plans for tourism and economical development with particular focus on Mediterranean area. OTIE activities are research, monitoring and analysis to support the tourism product development and establish indicators to evaluate performances, achieving studies and researches, organizing forums and seminars. OTIE contributes to support the planning of other organizations also in establishing partnerships, thanks to its extensive network and its remarkable competence in European tourism. Moreover OTIE organizes training courses.

A short description of the role of your entity in the project:

OTIE is involved in WP3 and it is Responsible for L 3.3.1 development. OTIE will compile the results of the test of different methods and tools in each pilot, including individual evaluation of results and common conclusions to be used as a basis for next actions development.

OTIE then will realize a final testing report including the implementation phase summary and the individual results and general conclusions from all pilots.

A short paragraph on what you expect from the ALTER ECO project:

Tourism is a relevant industry for each economy but it needs to be leaded to reach a real development and to improve the positive effects. Since it is an hard goal and in some cases negative effects of tourism consumption are greater than positive, OTIE expects that this project allows to define the best tools to measure and evaluate tourism effects on the destination and then the right way to lead the phenomenon by getting positive impacts. OTIE expects that the final result will be a replicable strategy to support economic and tourism development of a territory by containing the negative impact of tourism.


Contact person Position Email Telephone
Dr. Giovanni Ruggieri OTIE President ruggieri@otie.org
Dr. Patrizia Calò research@remove-this.otie.org +390916117527