The official contact person for the project

Pedro Marín Cots, Programs Service Manager, City Council of Malaga.

A short description of the entity

The Mayor's Programs Service is responsible for the integral management of projects co-financed by the European Union approved by the City Council of Malaga. Among its functions are the following:

  • Coordination and management of the Observatory of the Urban Environment project (OMAU) and the Documentation Center of the Urb-al Program (CDPU) that houses the OMAU building.
  • Presentation of proposals and requests for aid from community funds, both national and international programs
  • Management (and execution, in some cases) of European projects
  • Monitoring of the financial and physical execution of the same, through processes of certification of expenses and justifications, physical and technical assistance to the Monitoring Committees, preparation of final reports, etc.
  • Support for verification controls and audits on the execution of community projects
  • Information to the rest of municipal areas or local entities, which execute European actions on new calls for proposals, presentation of projects, rules of execution, and certification of expenses

A short description of the role of your entity in the project:

City of Málaga is involved in all work packages, with particular accent on the Communication one (WP2). The role of the City, in a direct collaboration with the Horizontal project and the Programme, will be built the COMMUNICATION PLAN and do a concrete effort to reach our target audience, sending them a specific message through using the best available and most effective tools: transmit specific messages to our target audience mobilizing them. Social media will be the main dissemination tool of project activities using existing data bases from partners directly as well as from related networks.

Also, Malaga is responsible for the development of a pilot project in tourism sustainable strategies in the City Centre. We are creating different tools (statistical and TICs) for decision makers, public and private, and for tourists.

A short paragraph on what you expect from the ALTER ECO project:

The success of ALTER Eco will depend on the ability of our proposals to convince decision-makers to act on the negative effects of tourism; but to act on these effects it is necessary that they be verbalized by the local population, tourists, decision-makers (economic and political).

We expect to design a common and cooperative strategy (public- private) for sustainable tourism with concrete actions and to implement them.


Contact person Position Email Telephone
Pedro Marín Cots Head of European Programs
Urban Planning Department
Director of the Urban Environmental Observatory (OMAU)
Environmental Sustainability Department
pmarin@malaga.eu Tel. Gral: + 34 951 92 88 33
Carmen García Directora Fundación Ciedes: coordinara nuestro grupo interno de Málaga constituido por técnicos de urbanismo, comercio y turismo, vecinos, comerciantes y la Universidad. gerenciaciedes@gmail.com
Laura Robles Técnico de proyecto laurarobles@ciedes.es