Comunidad Valenciana Region: Valencian Institute of Building Foundation (IVE).

The official contact person for the project

Leticia Ortega, Ph.D. Architect

A short description of the entity

Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación (IVE) (eng. Valencia Institute of Building) is a private non-profit making foundation with public interest set up in October 1986, whose headquarter is in Valencia. IVE is a research institute that seeks to improve the quality and sustainability in the construction process through the R&D&i in the built environment. IVE board includes Regional Government (Generalitat Valenciana), professionals, developers, building contractors and end-users, in order to provide a platform for ideas exchange, developments and knowledge in the different fields of construction. During 30 years of its existence, the institute has remained very active in the drafting of technical documents to support the pre-normative research of building process and to spread all the aspects related to the quality and sustainability in the design, construction and use of buildings. Some of the activities developed by IVE are included below:

  • Continued collaboration with the regional government in the development of regulations related to construction sector and especially in the field of energy retrofitting.
  • Publication of documents recognized by the regional and national government to support the existing regulations.
  • Participation in European projects related to energy efficiency of existing buildings, air quality, health and well-being and training.
  • Dialogue with the different stakeholders related to building sector.

A short description of the role of your entity in the project: main activities and WPs in which you are involved

IVE, as project coordinator on behalf of the Regional Government, is in charge of the performance of all administrative, financial and operational tasks such as quality control of deliverables, activities scheduling, action plan and monitoring activities. Regarding WP3, IVE is leading the organization of Comunitat Valenciana pilot and co-leads the Simulation of Innovative Tourism Strategies.

A short paragraph on what you expect from the ALTER ECO project: try to do it in an “interview” style

Tourism is a fiercely competitive market, requiring skills, talent, enterprise and a government that backs and regulates it. In the context of dramatic economic, political and social changes that are shaking the world, tourism has an important role in communicating the core values of intercultural dialogue, protection and promotion of cultural diversity and preservation of cultural heritage, whose tangible and intangible assets constitute the important part of the cultural identity. A model of tourism based on Mediterranean identity helps to reconfirm the importance of our own cultures while improving intercultural communication, respecting other cultures and deepening mutual understanding and solidarity among different ethnic, national, religious and linguistic entities.

IVE act as technical branch of the Regional Government in terms of R & D & I. Furthermore, all the activities carried out in the framework of ALTER ECO project will be perfectly transferable to the Regional Government as they are directly involved by means of the Regional Ministry of Housing, Public Works and Vertebration of the Territory and the General Directorate of Tourism.

We expect from ALTER ECO not only to allow our entities to test innovative mechanisms and methods to address the existing problems and being able to propose solutions, but also, as our region has been working with European funds to protect and rehabilitate the coast, we would like to continue such work through ALTER ECO.


Contact person Position Email Telephone
Leticia Ortega Madrigal Project manager lortega@five.es +34 961 207 531
Carolina Mateo cmateo@five.es
Cristina Jareño Escudero Project assistant cjareno@five.es