Municipality of Genoa

The official contact person for the project

Gianluca Saba, Head International Affair Office

A short description of the entity

The City of Genoa is an Italian Local Authority located in the Liguria Region made of 6000 employees approximately.

It is led by an elected Mayor whose mandate lasts 5 years (in June 2017 there will be administrative election in town). To better manage the territory of 243.56 sq. km, 9 Districts have been created (each of them with a President) in 2007. The administration deals with different sectors of urban governance, like mobility, environment, urban planning, public works, education, social services culture and tourism; it is divided in departments and offices. In particular the City Marketing, Tourism and International Relations Dept works on the improvement of city promotion and tourism all over Europe and the world, making the most of the international relations of the City Hall.

A short description of the role of your entity in the project: main activities and WPs in which you are involved

The City of Genoa is involved in every WP above all on WP 3 “Testing” as it will test the innovative methodologies created by the project and its scientific partners. Furthermore the City of Genoa, thank to its experience in the creation and management of Metropolitan Groups in past EU project like CAT-Med and Urban Empathy, will lead a subWP, in particular WP4.4 “Transferring-Capacity building ” in which the partners which have tested the new methodology will transfer it to other target group of other cities.

A short paragraph on what you expect from the SHERPA project:

Over the last years Genoa has moved from industrial and heavy port activity to an increasing tourism; the city hall has supported this change working to improve the attractiveness of the city as a touristic destination; the positive consequences of this work are visible as tourists are coming to visit the city. Even if the city centre is not reaching its limit on carrying capacity we want to avoid the possible transformation of the city offering more possibilities of tourist attractions.

With ALTER ECO we would like to create, test and implement a new methodology to offer new and different touristic products and to transform the natural, cultural, food resources into a touristic product of quality.


Contact person Position Email Telephone
Gianluca Saba Head of International Relations Office +39.010.5572166
Barbara Poggio International Relations Officer (EU projects coordinator for the Office) +39.010.5572332
Sandra Masieri International Relations Officer +39.010.5572338
Paola Casubolo