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Nicolas Moussiopoulos, Professor

A short description of the entity

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUT) is the largest university in Greece. The Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering (LHTEE/AUT) conducts basic & applied research in the field of environmental management and sustainable development for different sectors of economy. Among others, LHTEE focuses on: (i) Decision Support Systems for efficient public governance, policy modelling and planning, (ii) Environmental Impact Assessments (iii) Pollution abatement strategies of environmental health stressors (air, waste, water). Novel concepts developed in the Lab and existing methodologies and tools have already been extensively employed in LHTEE studies for characterising environmental sustainability of tourism in coastal areas.

A short description of the role of your entity in the project:

LHTEE is the Leader of the Transferring WP, aiming to transfer the results of ALTER ECO into local policies and support their application in the participating areas and to the targets. In this framework, a strong scientific methodology will be developed (A4.1) by LHTEE, having a strong experience, from URBAN EMPATHY project on this issue. As a final stage of the transferability process, after having achieved engagement of the elected and the successful application of the methodology for the design of innovative tourism strategies to other areas, the preconditions will be set for articulation with other structural finds (A4.5) by LHTEE. Furthermore, LHTEE has a fundamental role throughout the activities of the Testing WP. These can be summarized: in the design of the pilot areas’ preliminary studies, the definition of the Mediterranean identity and the design of the methodology to hierarchize the importance and the level of threat of the elements that characterize it, and the provision of support to the pilot areas towards the implementation of surveys to different target group (scientific community, professionals, tourists, residents) and the compilation of results to prepare the ground for the design of strategies.

A short paragraph on what you expect from the ALTER ECO project:

LHTEE is expected to benefit from the participation in the ALTER ECO project in a number of ways. More specifically: (i) Expand the use of the available employed tools developed in LHTEE (i.e. Tourism Environmental Composite Indicator) in the pilot cases of the project, (ii) Deepen knowledge regarding tourists’ attitudes, preferences and behavioural patterns, (iii) Network with highly-acknowledged, leading organizations, (iv) Participate in the multi-disciplinary research and have access to information and feedback from different types of stakeholders, (v) Get access to a high quality source of objective research into issues that will extend the Labs’thematic competences and experiences , vi) Get access to external expertise.


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