Larnaca-Famagusta Districts Development Agency (ANETEL)

The official contact person for the project

Dr. Eudokia Balamou, Operations Manager at Larnaca and Famagusta Districts Development Agency (ANETEL)

A short description of the entity

Larnaca and Famagusta Districts Development Agency was founded by the local government for providing support services to its stakeholders for making use of European resources and participate in European programs to implement the goals and visions of their strategic development planning. ANETEL is a professional, non-profit organization with a status of public equivalent body. ANETEL is also a Local Action Group and a Fisheries Local Action group for the Leader initiative of the Rural Development Program of Cyprus for the period 2014-2020.

A short description of the role of your entity in the project:

ANETEL is involved in all work packages of the projects with special emphasis to be given in WP3 Testing and WP4 Transferring. The role of ANETEL is to help setting up of common methodologies and tools for diagnosis modelling and evaluation of tourist destinations based on previous projects and reference documents. ANETEL is also responsible for the Transfer of ALTER ECO Model though the drafting of the transferability plan. That will contain realistic proposals for the ALTER ECO Model ‘s transferability and the adoption of innovative tourism strategies to areas other than the participating ones.

A short paragraph on what you expect from the (ALTER ECO) project:

Tourism in Cyprus occupies a dominant position in the economy. However, Cyprus is under threat due to the inappropriate practice and development associated with mass tourism. With the project we expect the relevant stakeholders to learn about the ALTER ECO model and be able to adopt so we can achieve innovative tourism strategies and sustainability in the tourism sector.


Contact person Position Email Telephone
Dr. Eudokia Balamou Manager of the European Projects Team 00 357 24 815280
Mr. Vassilis Constantinou
Anna Kosma
Matheos Pappoulos