The general project objective is to enhance a balance among tourist attraction, as an economic source of growth, and the conservation of the classical Mediterranean City Model as an example of sustainability, through the implementation of alternative tourist strategies in 6 pilots co-designed and implemented by stakeholders, supported through existing methods and tools.

Alternative tourist strategies raised during pilot implementation will aim to improve cooperation and joint and integrated planning for the enhancement of a local sustainable and responsible development of coastal tourism to better manage conflicting interests, allowing designing common approaches at transnational level.

The alternative tourist strategies will respond to different dimensions depending on the problems detected: land use planning (built environment, planning methods), mobility and transport, ecological sustainability (natural environment and landscape, energy and waste management), economic sustainability (operational environment and service structure, growth and measures) and social sustainability (housing, well-being, local culture). Thus, ALTER ECO will condense all aspects of the sustainability of tourism (environmental, social and economic) into its results and main outputs.

On this basis, the project contributes to the achievement of the specific objectives and results of the relevant priority axis.